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The understanding of technical concepts is mastered when it can be verified on a real situation. Consequently, the teaching can't go without the experimentation. To do so, it’s essential to begin the practical trials on a simulation developed specifically for that purpose and right away repeat the exercise on a real case.
For the Lean Six Sigma trainings, there is a simulation tool that is largely spread which consists of a small catapult. This tool permits to apply the taught concepts in a simple and fast manner. Therefore, why replacing the traditional Catapult also called Statapult and patent an on purpose newly developed Juggling Paradigms’ simulation?

In fact, we’re also using the Catapult, the Varminator and other Black Boxes because there are useful tools to put the student in various situations which participate to his learning. However, we required a simulation that would make a clear cut between process and *product because at Juggling Paradigms we teach (1) the Lean Six Sigma for improvement also usually called DMAIC based on its distinctive roadmap (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), as well as (2) the Lean Six Sigma for innovation also called DFSS or Design For Six Sigma with the IDDOV (Initiate, Define, Develop, Optimize, Verify – Validate) to develop new designs. Here, it’s useful to pin point that projects using the roadmap DMAIC only tackle processes since the cost for product improvement already in production are often prohibitive. On the other hand the development roadmap IDDOV of the DFSS, can equally be used for designing a new product, which can be either HardWare or SoftWare, and/or the process that will ultimately produce the product.

Consequently, the catapult doesn’t fit the purpose since it represents so much a product (the catapult machine) than a process (throw a projectile on a given target) and this combination inevitably creates a great deal of confusion for the students. Moreover, the process of throwing the projectile is all setup in advance since we almost can’t intervene during the fly of the projectile to better off the result. This is again a counterproductive characteristic since typical production processes usually permit to interfere during the product creation.

We consequently had to invent our own solution, which is now done with our Juggling Paradigms exclusive simulation (GB0900021.7) which serves as a red conducting line for our students for the systematic application of the Lean tools (v1 – 4), the Six Sigma DMAIC tools (v2 – 4) and DFSS HardWare (v3 – 4) plus eventually integrated SoftWare with the Agile / Scrum method (v 4 – 4).

Furthermore, our simulation can also be used for transactional processes which is an additional benefit when working for banks, insurances or such businesses.

Finally, it’s also important to mention that our simulation allows for our students to practice the creativity tools that we have on purpose integrated to our Lean Six Sigma curriculums. These tools (TRIZ / TIPS, HBDI and CPS) are divided in three creativity categories such as Strategic, Tactic and Operational.

Our customers are automatically given the rights for using the simulation during our Lean Six Sigma training and will be able, once certified, to pursue for their internal training giving the purchase of material and the license.

* We intend by “product” the creation of something new. It includes obviously the fact of providing new products which can be HardWare or SoftWare but also any kind of other creations such as e.g. inventing a new management practice.

What's HBDI™?

We help organizations and their people achieve the best Return On Intelligence, mobilizing and making the most of all the different types of brain power at their disposal.

Our practical tools and methodology accelerate growth, increase productivity and shorten the learning curve to maintain and develop strategic competitive advantages for the organization.

Our business is about getting better results through better thinking. Our consulting and training services apply Whole Brain® Technology to complex problems and situations, such as leadership, communication, innovation, learning, sales and change management.

In the 1980s, the American researcher Ned Herrmann, Manager of Management Education at General Electric, used studies of the brain to establish a connection between how the brain works and how information is processed. He demonstrated that people “choose” the stimuli that will trigger their actions, based on their “Thinking Preferences”.

Whether we are the sender or the receiver, all messages are filtered through our Thinking Preferences. The same applies to those with whom we interact.

Our Thinking Preferences have an impact on all of our everyday behaviours: how we communicate, learn, manage and work. After an extensive statistical study of the behaviour of several thousand people, Ned Herrmann developed a framework that represents an easy to understand map of the different ways people think. This map is used to develop a Thinking Preference profile, the HBDI®, (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument). Herrmann’s framework and HBDI® are built on a metaphoric representation of the brain, which identifies four quadrants, A, B, C and D. All four quadrants, taken together, form what Herrmann called the “Whole Brain® Model”.


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